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This year’s No-Go Gala is about the joys of reading. Reading is such a personal activity, one that helps us learn who weare, what we believe, and where we come from. We all have our own ways of reading at home—some will read in the bed, some in a favorite chair by the fireplace, and others on a front porch in the cool breeze. In each case, we find comfort in our surroundings and in the independence to pursue a meaningful leisure activity that leaves us fulfilled.

At MIFA, we strive to help our clients find comfort in their surroundings. We do so by supporting their independence. A hot meal delivered to a homebound senior gives her the chance to live more comfortably in her home. A timely intervention with a family in financial crisis allows them to stay in their home with the power on. Mentoring helps a high school student find his path to college.


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